Our story

we're day dreamers and night thinkers, we love telling stories.

We have experienced a multitude of weddings from behind the scenes over the past 30 years. They were grand, expensive, emotional, exciting, chaotic and beautiful. The list of adjectives goes on and on.
The current trend is swaying towards smaller, more intimate, economical, unique and serene events. They are equally beautiful.
Our business fills those needs.  Our observation was that most couples were inclined to choose a package that may not have all of the items on their wish list but it is all their budget will allow, or moreover, they would reluctantly choose a larger package only because it includes their most coveted wants and needs together with items they find invaluable. We eliminated the 'cookie-cutter' package.  You are able to choose only what you desire.
As a result of this, you have the event of your dreams with everything you choose without any additional items or service that are not your priority. 
Your Day, your  way!



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You deserve to have the experience you've always envisioned. All of the special details are arranged by us to make your Day picture perfect. You won't have any unnecessary or unwanted things included in a customary package. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of choices and prices for anything on your wish list.  We are certain that this will make your day unique.  There is no need to pay for anything that is of no importance to you.  Choose only what you desire and we will make it happen.
Your day, your way!

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